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Our History &  DNA

Trimm started its journey in 2008 with Klaas Jan Westra and Shantia Fardin establishing the company in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

Trimm was founded to offer yacht design and engineering services to shipyards, interior builders, contractors or private clients. With the company flourishing within the first couple of years, Trimm expanded and added naval architecture and construction engineering to its services. Since then, the company has grown continuously and now forms a team of 65 engineers and designers.  

At Trimm, we are able to draw from a rich experience in design and maritime, propelled by our dynamic and ambitious company culture. We value development and creativity as we strive to test the limits in design and engineering. Our goal is to produce intelligent, reliable and exceptional designs that reflect or surpass our client’s specifications. Due to our strong growth, team depth and in-house experience we are able to push the boundaries in yacht design, naval architecture and engineering. Our dedicated team works with the leading software solutions and incorporates a methodical approach to every project and element of the process.



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Our company divisions and disciplines



If you’re ready to design your dream yacht, there are certain things you should know about the process before you begin. A custom yacht isn’t just a few sketches and a general arrangement – it’s the culmination of dozens of hours of discussion, research, planning and maritime experience. That being said, if you’re interested in creating your own yacht design, we at Trimm would be keen to offer our support.



At Trimm, we believe that the science and engineering combined should be given a form that reflects the clients vision. Our department of Naval Architecture focuses on the science and engineering that goes into the design of a yacht and its seaworthiness. With our vast in-house knowledge and experience in yacht designs, Trimm is able to create a well-balanced and functioning design tailored to your needs.



Yacht engineering contains all the technical detailing of a design, in such a way that the casco of a yacht or vessel can be built with the highest efficiency and accuracy. A fundamental part of yacht engineering lies in the function of producing drawings and then translating them into technical descriptions from which the hull can be built, as well as carrying out any other tasks necessary to ensure that the finished product matches up to the clients’ vision and requirements.



As every interior builder and carpenter utilises a different production standard, so does Trimm. Our objective is to produce interior engineering and technical drawings that adhere to these standards and specifications of our client, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. We do this by using industry-leading software (e.g. Siemens NX, TopSolid’Wood) and an in-house team of highly skilled interior engineers who understand the intricacies of architecture and design.



At Trimm, we are always ready to take your project to the next level. That’s why we pride ourselves on always doing whatever it takes to exceed our customers’ expectations and raising the bar when it comes to design and engineering. Whether you’re looking for custom design, product or engineering solutions to meet your unique specifications, our departments are ready to provide you with the services you need to get the job done right. And we can do it all from start to finish – or just part of the way through if that’s what meets your specific needs best.



Our number one priority is client satisfaction. We aim to provide the best possible customer experience and are always looking for new opportunities to grow our business. Contact us to discuss your needs further.


The foundation of our work lies in the continual commitment to converting our client’s vision into reality. Trimm's philosophy has enabled us to work on remarkable projects ranging in various sizes and locations all over the world. This has also resulted in long-lasting collaborations and our continuous growth for Trimm over the last decade.


Trimm is founded on the belief that creativity and curiosity are key drivers of innovation. We approach every task and obstacle to find original solutions.


As a company we focus on adding the necessary experience, staying versatile in our skill set, having the capability our customers need and being accountable in our work.


Passion generates excitement for what we do and how we do it. This is at the heart of everything we do at Trimm.


We are a company that is dependable, and we engineer what we promise. At Trimm we believe consistency is key to building trust.

Do you see yourself working at Trimm? We are always looking for talent.

If you are looking for a job with exciting and complex challenges, then Trimm may be the place for you! We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Our company culture is friendly and supportive, and we strive to create an enjoyable work environment for our employees. We are committed to providing our employees with the training and development they need to succeed. If you are interested in working at Trimm, please click on the button below.

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