The Science Behind Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture at Trimm is the craft and science that combines all discipline contributions and integrates this into one, well-balanced and functioning design. Our starting point is to configure the mission and requirements of the client’s desired build. From this point onward our naval architects and designers will carefully select a suitable hull and purposefully navigate through all the critical steps required to engineer the clients’ concept to life.

Our Naval Architects also overlook the risks associated with a project and subsequent design phase.


Everything calculated to perfection

Proportions & Weight Calculations

Building seaworthy vessels that align with the expectations of performance, innovation and quality are paramount at Trimm and our designs. During the preliminary stages, our team diligently translates these important principles, with that of the vessel’s volume and weight, into the initial design to formulate an optimal hull efficiency and the vessel’s positioning of the centre of gravity and buoyancy.

Hull Form & Lines Plan

The hull form is another critical task performed by our naval architects at Trimm. Depending on the clients’ vision and needs for the vessel, our team will determine the most suitable type, form and shape best suited for the hull form design.

What about speed? Another important element for most clients is the speed range the hull is designed to employ. We can categorise this between various hull forms such as; displacement hulls, semi-displacement hulls, planing hulls and fast-displacement hull forms.

To achieve these essential naval architecture tasks, our teams use sophisticated 3D software and NA tools for hull modelling and optimisation, comprehensive stability, motions and resistance projection, structural modelling and structural analyses.

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Our team of naval architects form a critical role during the design process ensuring that the performance of the yacht is continuously aligned with the expectations that have been set throughout the project and beyond. A primary focus point for all Trimm’s designs is of course the stability, comfort and safety for owners, guests and crew onboard.

With our expertise, we zoom in on every aspect and millimetre in order to optimise the stability and comfort without unnecessary implications made towards the design feasibility and build.

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